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While House Republicans Block a Clean DHS Funding Bill for the 3rd Time, Rep. Gallego Votes to Fund DHS and Protect Arizona workers

February 25, 2015
Press Release

Washington, DC – Today Rep. Gallego voted to stop the Republican shutdown of the Department of Homeland Security. DHS is set to run out of funds on February 28th putting our country in danger and leaving thousands of DHS employees – law enforcement officials, border patrol agents, disaster response officials, counter terrorism experts, and others - furloughed or working without pay. 

Congressman Gallego released the following statement:

“There are three days left until DHS shuts down and there are enough votes to pass a clean DHS funding bill this afternoon. But, instead of listening to members of their own party in the Senate and joining Democrats to avoid this crisis, House Republicans today for the 3rd time voted unanimously to block consideration of a clean DHS funding bill.

“Democrats voted to end this manufactured crisis. Unfortunately, House Republicans would rather play political games and hold our national security hostage than come to the table and govern in a responsible manner. The American people deserve better, and it’s time for Republicans to end these dangerous games. The clock is ticking.”