May 15, 2024

Gallego Provision to Crack Down on Hidden Junk Fees Passes Republican-Led House with Overwhelming Support

House overwhelmingly passes key provision contained in Rep. Gallego’s Junk Fee Prevention Act, putting over $7 billion back in the pockets of American Families

WASHINGTON – Today, Rep. Ruben Gallego (AZ-03) cheered the House passage of a key provision of his Junk Fee Prevention Act to crack down on hidden fees charged by ticket sellers – all part of his efforts to cut costs for everyday Arizonans.

“We’ve all been there - you select a concert ticket at one price, but by the time you get to check out, fees have made the cost nearly double,” said Rep. Gallego. “But it’s not just ticket sellers that are abusing hidden junk fees. I’ll keep fighting to fully pass my Junk Fee Prevention Act and put an end to hidden junk fees on all services.”

H.R. 3950, the TICKET Act, would prohibit deceptive pricing and ensure that consumers are able to see the full cost of their ticket upfront.

Today’s legislation, introduced by House Republicans, is just one of the provisions of Rep. Gallego’s Junk Fee Prevention Act, which he introduced last year. The bill seeks to increase transparency by requiring the full prices of services to be provided upfront and eliminating the excessive fees that cost Americans billions of dollars each year. Additionally, the bill would eliminate charging airline passengers for seating assignments when an adult needs to sit next to an accompanying child and empowers the U.S. Department of Transportation to impose penalties for violations.