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July 22, 2015 Video

Mr. Speaker,

What happened in San Francisco was a horrible tragedy and my thoughts and prayers go out to Kathryn Steinle's family.

As the authorities in San Francisco seek justice for Kate, we should not, however, allow demagogues like Donald Trump to demonize entire communities because of the actions of a single person.

July 21, 2015 Video

Mr. Speaker,

Yesterday, I joined the people of Colombia and my fellow Colombian Americans in celebrating the nation’s 215 years of independence.

I’m extremely proud of Colombia’s rich history and vibrant culture. I’m even prouder of the close friendship between our two countries—a partnership which has never been more important.

July 15, 2015 Video

Mr. Speaker,

I rise to urge the Republican leadership to bring up a long-term funding Transportation bill.

Rather than develop a long-term strategy, Republicans again want to pass a short term patch for the Highway Trust Fund that fails to make the infrastructure investments that our economy needs.

July 9, 2015 Video

Thank you, Mr. Speaker.

I rise today in opposition to the Rule, which would allow for consideration of H.R. 5, a harmful bill that abandons our commitment to ensuring all children in my home state of Arizona and across the country are afforded a quality education that prepares them for success.

July 9, 2015 Video

Mr. Speaker,

I rise today to highlight an issue that deserves our immediate attention – the Republican leadership’s failure to bring the reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank to the House floor for a vote.

The Ex-Im Bank plays a critical role in our economy, opening international markets to U.S. businesses by facilitating the sale of American goods and services overseas.

July 8, 2015 Video

Mr. Chairman,

I rise to offer an amendment that will reaffirm Congress’s support for the enforcement of grazing fees on public lands.

Grazing on public lands is a privilege, not a right, and it’s critical that individual ranchers who use those lands abide by the law and pay their fair share.

June 25, 2015 Video

Rep. Gallego's Amendment to HR 2822 on Environmental Justice:

Mr. Chairman, I have an amendment at the desk.
Mr. Chairman,

My amendment will help ensure that all communities are able to participate in the decisions that shape their National Park System.

June 24, 2015 Video

Mr. Speaker,

I rise today in support of affirming marriage equality and providing equal protection guarantees to LGBT Americans throughout our country.

Mr. Speaker, the overwhelming majority of the American public support marriage equality. They know that same-sex couples should have access to the dignity and security that only marriage can provide.

June 17, 2015 Video



Mr. Speaker:

The strength of our communities depends on the health and well-being of our families.