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Rep. Ruben Gallego votes to impeach President Donald Trump

December 18, 2019

Today, Rep. Ruben Gallego announced on the House floor he would vote to impeach President Donald Trump. 

Madame Speaker,

Today I will vote to impeach President Donald Trump for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

Those still defending the President’s actions are desperately grasping at straws while living in an alternate universe where facts don’t exist.

To those still willing to search their souls, ask yourself:  Would you support a Democratic President using taxpayer dollars to pressure a foreign government to investigate a Republican political opponent based on false Russian conspiracy theories? 

Of course not.  That’s absurd. ANY president who does that has abused the power of the presidency for personal gain and undermined our most sacred tradition—our elections. 

In a few hours, every member will make a choice:

Will you fall into the age-old political trap of thinking blind partisanship is all that matters?

Or will you vote to defend the Constitution and our democracy so that President Trump—and every future President—will know that they are not above the law and will be held accountable for their actions?

I have made my choice.  I hope every member puts the defense of our nation first and joins me.

I yield back.