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Rep. Ruben Gallego Praises Executive Action to Reduce Gun Violence

January 6, 2016

Mr. Speaker,

For too long, calls for Congress to pass common sense gun control measures, heart-filled appeals from concerned Americans of all ages and ideologies, including gun owners, have fallen on deaf ears.

Despite the mounting death toll, Republican leadership has refused to consider any new measures to address the devastating impact of gun violence in America.

We cannot continue to wait for Republicans to come to their senses. The price of delay for our children, for our families, and for our communities is simply too steep.

That is why I applaud President Obama for putting American lives above partisan politics.

The President’s executive actions will require more gun sellers to be licensed and to conduct background checks, narrowing the dangerous loopholes that allow guns to fall into hands of criminals or the mentally ill. The new rules will also make it easier for us to hold irresponsible dealers accountable and to track guns that are lost or stolen.

This is a critical step forward, but it is not enough. I call on my colleagues to join the President in taking real action to prevent gun tragedies and keep the American people safe.

Thank you. I yield back