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Rep. Ruben Gallego Opposes Defunding Planned Parenthood

January 6, 2016

I thank my colleague and join in strong opposition to this rule that will bring forward dangerous legislation that harms women, seniors, and families across America. 

In our first week back in this session, it is appalling that Republicans believe defunding Planned Parenthood, rolling back women’s access to health screenings, or raising prescription drug prices for seniors is a top priority.

This latest attempt to defund Planned Parenthood and repeal the ACA is nothing short of an attack on women and low-income Americans.

75% of Planned Parenthood’s patients are low-income and often have nowhere else to go.

Eliminating funding will have devastating consequences on the health of young women and men, Latinas, and LGBT Americans.

This isn’t just dangerous public policy, it’s completely out of touch with the vast majority of Americans.

When I meet with my constituents across Phoenix, I hear families worried about affording college, students struggling to pay their tuition and the amount of debt that they have, and hardworking Americans who can’t afford the skyrocketing costs of prescription drugs.

But I also hear relief – relief that came from the ACA. Relief from young women who no longer have to pay co-pays for birth control when they go to the pharmacy. 

Relief that their annual exams no longer come with cost-sharing.

Relief from seniors whose prescription drug costs are lower because we got rid of the Medicare Donut Hole.

Relief from parents that their child with chronic disease can’t be denied insurance coverage.

All thanks to the Affordable Care Act.

Women, and all Americans, deserve better than playing the same politics over their bodies and their health care.

I urge my colleagues to defeat this dangerous rule and oppose the reconciliation package on behalf of millions of families who can’t afford to lose care once again.S

I yield back.