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Rep. Gallego's One Minute Floor Speech on Marriage Equality

June 24, 2015

Mr. Speaker,

I rise today in support of affirming marriage equality and providing equal protection guarantees to LGBT Americans throughout our country.

Mr. Speaker, the overwhelming majority of the American public support marriage equality. They know that same-sex couples should have access to the dignity and security that only marriage can provide.

In 37 states in our nation this is already a reality – today more than 70 percent of our population live in jurisdictions where they are free to marry who they love.

However at this very moment marriage discrimination is still openly practiced in 13 states, taking away the securities and protections, financial and otherwise, for LGBT Americans.

Make no mistake Mr. Speaker, the failure or prohibition to recognize and allow same-sex couples to marry is discrimination.

The fight for marriage equality for our LGBT brothers and sisters is one of the great civil rights battles of our lifetime and it continues our tireless efforts to achieve full equality under the law for all.

A positive Supreme Court decision on marriage is an important step towards ending the discrimination that too many American families suffer because of where they live and who they love.

Mr. Speaker, it is the year 2015 – it is well past time we end this discrimination against LGBT Americans.

I yield back my time.