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Congressman Ruben Gallego's One Minute on HR-5

July 9, 2015

Thank you, Mr. Speaker.

I rise today in opposition to the Rule, which would allow for consideration of H.R. 5, a harmful bill that abandons our commitment to ensuring all children in my home state of Arizona and across the country are afforded a quality education that prepares them for success.

We can all agree that every child deserves a fair shot by giving them, and their teachers, the tools they need.

But the reality is millions of kids face additional barriers that require targeted resources.

Unfortunately, this bill turns its back on these kids by block granting all funding for English language learners, migrant students, and at-risk students and lets that funding be spent elsewhere.

What’s more, it eliminates requirements that schools improve the education of English language learners each year.

By removing accountability for the achievement and learning gains of Latinos and English language learners, this bill ignores the real needs of kids and families across our communities.

Mr. Speaker, a Latino child in Phoenix deserves every resource he or she needs to succeed.

That’s why I strongly support the Democratic substitute amendment to H.R. 5 offered by my colleague, Congressman Scott.

This alternative recognizes the needs of Latino students and ensures proper oversight that we know is necessary.

I urge my colleagues to oppose H.R. 5 and its dangerous provisions for Latino students, and I yield back.