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Rep. Ruben Gallego's One Minute Speech on GOP Budget

March 18, 2015

Mr. Speaker,

Today Americans are working more and earning less. The cost of college is rising, young people are in debt, and America’s infrastructure is in decay.

Mr. Speaker, the Republican budget, however, does nothing to help struggling Americans - it gives tax breaks to the wealthy, ends the Medicare guarantee, makes it harder for Americans to buy a home and cuts funding for education.

Our military leaders even testified that the Republican budget will put the lives of our men and women in uniform at risk.

Mr. Speaker, this is outrageous.

The American people elected us. We owe it to them to pass a budget that addresses their needs, keeps them safe, and gives them the best opportunity possible to live the American Dream.

Let’s focus on creating good paying jobs, providing universal pre-k and restoring funding for programs like SNAP that many American families rely on. Let’s ensure our military has the resources they need.

Our budget is a statement of our values and our priorities, Mr. Speaker.

Democrats will keep standing with the American people and do the job we were elected to do on their behalf.

Thank you.