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Press Releases

March 25, 2015 Press Release
“I’m proud to join Congresswoman DeLauro in reintroducing the Paycheck Fairness Act. Yesterday, the City of Phoenix City Council voted unanimously to pass an equal pay ordinance and address the wage gap in our city. The pay gap between women and men in Arizona is 16 cents for every dollar and it has real life implications for women working hard to ensure the American dream for their families,” said Congressman Ruben Gallego. He added, “Until the federal government takes action, cities across our country are taking matters into their own hands and doing what they can to ensure equal pay for equal work. It’s time for Congress to step up and pass the Paycheck Fairness Act. This is a no brainer that will help ensure the Equal Pay Act achieves its objective - guaranteeing that women who are working hard to move ahead are fairly compensated for their hard work and paid the same as men in the workforce doing the same job.”
March 24, 2015 Press Release
Washington, DC – Today, Congressman Ruben Gallego introduced his first piece of legislation – the Veterans Education Tax Security Act (VETS Act). The VETS Act, introduced with Rep. Ryan Zinke (R-MT), will ensure that disabled veterans, deceased veterans and deceased members of the Armed Forces are not financially penalized when their federal student loans are lawfully discharged.
March 23, 2015 Press Release
“There is no doubt that the Affordable Care Act is working. While Republicans continue their never ending fight to get rid of Obamacare no matter the cost – voting 56 times to repeal the ACA and even shutting down the government - Democrats will continue fighting to increase access to affordable, quality health care for all Americans. The American people are living the benefits of the Affordable Care Act and we will continue working to ensure that these benefits are not taken away.”
March 12, 2015 Press Release

Washington, DC – Congressman Ruben Gallego, Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick and Congressman Raul Grijalva sent a letter to CMS administrator Andy Slavitt asking him to reject Arizona’s waiver request that would allow the state’s Medicaid program to tighten eligibility rules.

March 6, 2015 Press Release
Today Congressman Ruben Gallego, Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick and Congressman Raul Grijalva sent a letter to Attorney General Mark Brnovich urging him to drop the lawsuit and stop any future action against the Maricopa County Community College District for granting in-state tuition to DACA recipients. “This lawsuit is nothing but another frivolous political attack against our immigrant community and a waste of our tax dollars. The federal government made clear that DACA recipients are considered lawfully present in our country and therefore qualify for in-state tuition under MDCCC policy,” said Rep. Ruben Gallego. He added, “Republicans in Arizona have reached a new low trying to take away affordable higher education from young people who grew up in our state, pay taxes, and just want to learn and give back to Arizona. I urge Attorney General Brnovich to stop using our state resources for political purposes, drop this lawsuit and stop any future actions to deny in-state tuition to DACA recipients.”
March 3, 2015 Press Release
“Espero que los republicanos hayan aprendido su lección. Nunca debemos de jugar con la seguridad de nuestra nación o el bienestar de nuestro país. El pueblo Estadounidense nos eligió para tomar decisiones que beneficien a nuestro país, no para ponerlo en riesgo. El pueblo Estadounidense no merece este tipo de acciones por parte de sus oficiales electos."
March 3, 2015 Press Release
"I hope Republicans learned their lesson, we should never play games with our national security or with the well-being of our country. There is too much at risk and the American people deserve better."
March 2, 2015 Press Release
“As we celebrate how far we’ve come in ensuring equal rights for women in the United States, we can’t forget the sacrifices and challenges that women still face in our country today - including the ongoing battle for equal pay and the fight for women’s access to healthcare.
February 25, 2015 Press Release
Washington, DC – Today Rep. Gallego voted to stop the Republican shutdown of the Department of Homeland Security. DHS is set to run out of funds on February 28th putting our country in danger and leaving thousands of DHS employees – law enforcement officials, border patrol agents, disaster response officials, counter terrorism experts, and others - furloughed or working without pay.
February 24, 2015 Press Release
“I am proud to join the Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus as one of the new vice-chairs. LGBT people deserve equal rights and protections and I am committed to continuing to work for that goal. “Since it was established in 2008, the LGBT Equality Caucus Members have been leaders in advancing issues important to the LGTB Community and I look forward to continuing that work while bringing a diverse perspective as we fight for issues that affect LGBT Americans.”