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Rep. Ruben Gallego Calls for a “Strong and Fair” Global Climate Agreement

December 9, 2015
Press Release

Washington, DC – As world leaders convene in Paris for the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference, Rep. Ruben Gallego delivered a floor speech today calling for a “strong and fair” global climate agreement and challenging his colleagues in Congress to support stronger climate policies that will grow the economy and improve public health.

Excerpts of his remarks are below. The full speech can be found here.

“Now is the time to demonstrate our leadership and our obligation to the security and protection of our communities and our economy by committing to a robust agreement that puts us on a safer path for future generations…”

“My Democratic colleagues on the Natural Resources Committee have called on Republican leadership to tackle this problem. But time and again, we have been met with silence and inaction when it comes to discussing and acting on these critical issues.

“We must do better. Around the world, nations are looking to the United States for leadership on this serious issue. We must step up and join other nations who have already made commitments to act on climate change.

“The facts are clear: action on climate change will not undermine our economy – it will support economic growth. In fact, acting will produce real benefits for our environment and our economy, including new businesses, better jobs, lower poverty and reduced mortality rates…”

“I stand with the scientific, environmental, and public health communities who all agree that Paris must be the floor, not the ceiling of ambition.

“If the world takes a step forward in Paris, our partners will be prepared to build stronger climate policies and agreements moving forward…”

“When future generations look back on the progress made in Paris, I hope it will be to thank us for what we accomplished in order to leave them a healthier, safer environment. Let’s not let politics and grandstanding prevent us from taking responsibility for the planet we are leaving behind for our children and our grandchildren.”