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Rep. Ruben Gallego Blasts Trump’s Plan to Steal Money from Military Construction Projects to Build His Border Wall

September 4, 2019
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-Ariz.) released the following statement in response to the Trump administration’s announcement that it will divert $3.6 billion from military construction projects in order to build President Trump’s border wall.

In July, the House of Representatives passed the National Defense Authorization Act, which included a provision authored by Rep. Gallego that would limit the Department of Defense’s authority to repurpose military construction funds. House Democrats have also taken strong steps through the Appropriations process to limit Trump’s ability to abuse his powers and defy congressional intent by diverting funds from military projects.

“This administration’s continued abuse of power and overreach have reached a new low. They are illegally stealing money from our troops for a useless border wall that Congress resoundingly denied,” said Rep. Ruben Gallego. “It violates bipartisan congressional intent; it violates the U.S. Constitution; and it violates our nation’s fundamental values.”

“President Trump is jeopardizing our military readiness and national security by using our armed services as a bottomless piggy bank to execute his worst-laid political plans. I’m hopeful that the final NDAA passed by Congress later this year will include my provision to stop him from doing this again. I will continue to work with my House Democratic colleagues to make sure that we put an end to Trump’s attempts to usurp Congressional spending power.”

Rep. Ruben Gallego is a Marine Corps combat veteran and serves on the House Armed Services Committee.